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Fancy Dress Competiton

Fancy Dress Competition was conducted among the student of Class P.G to Class Two. All the students were Participated in this competition wearing different kind

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Plantation Program

Students planting flowers in school It is a program conducted by ECO Club of Dawn Academy. In this program every student of class 3 to

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Drawing contest

Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium.

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“What Dawn thinks is that tranquility and prosperity are the mirror images of the society and it wants to make it’s student feel, understand and inculate this essence such that they always step up to serve the humanity as an integral part of the society with their head always up”


Welcome to Dawn Academy!

Situated at the very heart of this dynamic, stimulating city of Bharatpur, Chitwan, Dawn Academy is leading towards the provision of a first-class, values-driven international education, based on the best of the Nepali National Curriculum. We have a reputation for excellence, with an emphasis on outstanding teaching, academic achievement, service to others.

Our Features

    • Special focusing on the prescribed curriculum and syllabii

    • IELTS and TOEFL Based listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Practices.

    • Audio-Vidual and Project work followed by Presentation.

    • Regular exhibition in science, Mathematices, Social-studies, Nepali and so on.

    • Group, open and closed examination system will be implemented such that students will be able to learn from the exam as well.

    • After each terminal examination, very special competition in sports and creative activities would be conducted with the parents’ gathering, and special classes for poor=performers too.

    • The Scholarship will be granted to the real deserving students of the society with the recommendation of the ward office or Tole Sudhar samittee with full facilities.

    • Fee increment will be made only in the interval of 2 years, i.e No increment will be made in the comming session 2074.

  • Special focus on Mental Mathematics, ABACUS training and Third Eye Activation program for students.
    • Student Centered methodology is encouraged.

    • DMIT test for students to know about their nature, in-born abilities and learning style.

    • DMIT Tested & NLP Trained Teachers.

    • Special trainings from distinguished Personalities would be encouraged frequently for the students and other faculties.

    • For Boarders and day boarder’s everyday starts from Yoga , meditation & physical exercises.

    • Different student clubs like ECO-club, Red-Cross, Lnaguage-Club, Discipline-Club, Nature and Environmental Study Club, Creative Activity Club, News Club, Literary Club, Arts Club, Hobby Club etc. with their regular meeting with some findings for leadership development.

    • Frequent interaction programmes with the distinguished quests from the different sectors of society including administration, Politics and cultural field as Juvenile court.

  • The teaching staffs would be paid at least 10% more than the government. Scale with the facilities of P.F. and similar to the other staffs.